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Hydrate Detroit started the #ShareWater campaign June 1, 2014. It is the main resource for rapid water relief and advocacy; by sharing love, empathy and compassion with neighbors facing hard economic circumstances. Hydrate Detroit is officially re-launched our #ShareWater campaign in 2017; aimed at servicing Detroit families facing water shutoffs.

click for Facebook event link

click for Facebook event link

Through campaign events water donations come through and subsequent distribution drives deliver to Detroit families needing access to clean water.

If interested in volunteering you must fill out our volunteer intake form.

Flint Water Crisis

This year Hydrate Detroit will be expanding #ShareWater to provide Flint residents rapid relief.

When The Tap Runs Dry

This family style conversation is setup to discuss the conscious and spiritual side of water versus the business, political and economic impacts.

Since this conversation began in 2017 the following solutions have been achieved:

• Established direct action tactics

• Learned more deeply the connection between water and our spirits and community health

• Setup networking opportunities for community residents and neighbors.