Hydrate Detroit is a rapid relief non-profit organization providing immediate emergency water deliveries and water restoration to families in the City of Detroit experiencing water shutoffs. Hydrate Detroit is comprised of a team of fellow Detroiter helping Detroit to maintain access for clean and affordable water. Hydrate Detroit is the most trusted grassroots organization in the City of Detroit that provides immediate help without any major funding sources, grants, or sponsorships. We believe water is an essential human right and for those with running water, we advocate sharing one resource to survive.




Hydrate Detroit is a volunteer led advocacy group that provides rapid relief by delivering emergency water for families in the city of Detroit dealing with unfortunate circumstances from water shutoffs. Hydrate Detroit believes “water is an essential human right” and we must ensure that everyone has access to clean affordable water.

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Join Hydrate Detroit by Volunteering in our #SHAREWATER campaign Come Help Participate in 3 Easy Activities to ensure Water is an Essential Human Right by Sharing Water and Life



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